Saturday, May 28, 2005

America - CNN Listening to bloggers?

Fresh Bilge reports on a show he caught recently on CNN.

Flipping cable channels yesterday afternoon, I chanced upon a CNN feature that astonished me. It was a roundup of opinion by leading blogs. Is this where the 'news' stations are headed? The screenshot sampler predictably began on the hard left, with Daily Kos, then it edged reluctantly rightward -- calling Andrew Sullivan a 'conservative,' which might be true in Britain, but not in the US. Eventually CNN reached the neo-cons of Power Line. It even included USS Neverdock, a site reciprocally linked by Fresh Bilge. Perhaps I should have gone wholly into politics from the start, like these other bloggers. Then I could get quoted by CNN. But I would not be free to describe Doggy Heaven, or to snarl like the Imperial Rottweiler, although I rarely do that. Poor CNN doesn't even rate a curled lip any more. It would be cruel to snarl at a chihuahua.

I'm no fan of CNN but we all need publicity.

Wouldn't it be great if MSM started getting input from bloggers?

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