Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Iraq - Locals Turn On al Qaeda

The Fourth Rail reports the people of Qaim fought al Qaeda but were no match for them so they asked America for help. America responded and operation Matador was launched.

When foreign fighters poured into villages with jihad on their minds and weapons in their hands, some Iraqi tribesmen in western desert towns fought back.

They set up checkpoints to filter out the foreigners. They burned down suspected insurgent safe houses. They called their fellow tribesmen in Baghdad and other urban areas for backup.

And when they still couldn't uproot the terrorists streaming in from Syria, tribal leaders said, they took a most unusual step: They asked the Americans for help

Isn't it about time we started bombing accross the border in Syria?

The Fourth Rail makes this observation:

Al Qaeda is no longer an acceptable presence in Western Iraq, and the locals respected the United States enough to assist in their removal. This, and not car bombs, is the real story of progress in Iraq.

I agree.

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