Sunday, May 29, 2005

Iraq - Zarqawi Has Lost

There is mounting evidence that Zarqwai has lost the battle for Iraq.

First, he is running out of suicide bombers and now has to lie or decieve these mass murderers in order to get them to do his bidding. He has even had to start using dogs as replacements. Same thing really.

Next, he has failed to ignite a sectarian war as the Sunnis have joined the Army and the political process. More damage to Zarqawi's hopes comes from an agreement between two of Iraq's most influential Shiite and Sunni organizations.

An now, even ordinary Iraqis are fighting Zarqawi.

Meanwhile the Iraqi government has switched from a defensive posture to an offensive one with the announcement that 40,000 Iraqi troops are to deploy in and around Baghdad. The Iraqis will deny Zarqawi santuary in Baghdad while the US denies him santurary in the rest of Iraq - a classic squeeze play.

While the US rebuilds the country, the Sunnis join the military and political process and forge ties to the Shites, ordinary Iraqis turn on him, the Iraqi and US military denies him santuary, Zaraqwi lies mortally wounded.

Zarqawi is still a danger and more will die before he gets his, but there is no doubt that he has lost in Iraq.


And between US troops killing them and Syria arresting would be jihadists, Zarqawi will start to run out of troops.

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