Wednesday, May 25, 2005

America - Fabricating News in Detroit

Debbie Schlussel continues exposing news fabrication in Detroit. Ironically, this post deals with a journalism professor at Wayne State University, Jack Lessenberry.

Ismael Ahmed, chief of Islamic welfare agency ACCESS (which has strong terror ties), blames me for losing his bid to become University of Michigan Regent. In his zeal to pander to Ahmed and attack me, Lessenberry described Ahmed's Army "hitch in Vietnam" to show that Ahmed is a "A Real American" and defame me as a "vulgar . . . creature" who tells "lies." Lessenberry again presented Ahmed's lie as fact in another column: "He enlisted and was sent to Vietnam".

Problem is, Lessenberry and Ahmed made it up. (It’s a lie Ahmed’s lawyer, Shereef Akeel, repeated in a threatening letter, trying to silence me.)

If Ismael Ahmed ever went to Vietnam, it was as a tourist. His military record shows his service was mostly spent at Fort Knox—perhaps bravely guarding the gold. At least Dan Rather “tried” to verify the details of Bush's military service (and HE was forced to resign).

The maxim used to be "trust but verify". Now it's "verify first then trust".

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