Monday, May 23, 2005

Iraq - Muslims Outraged While Baghdad Giggles

Tim Blair points us to this article and picture (I'll post it next) of an Iraqi family giggling at the site of Saddam in his underpants.

Hamza Adnan, 8, Jinan Jassim, Ayah Faiz, 5, and Duha Munaf, 16, from left, watch Dubai-based satellite television station al-Arabiya in a house in the Karada area of Baghdad, Friday May 20, 2005, as it broadcasts Friday’s front page of Britain’s mass circulation tabloid newspaper, the Sun, showing Saddam Hussein standing in his white underwear while folding what appears to be a brown pair of trousers.

At least the media would have us believe Muslims are outraged. I suspect the majority giggled as well.

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