Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Korea - Stealth Fighters to the South

Earlier this month I noted the US had moved stealth bombers to Guam - indefinitely.

Now comes news that stealth fighters have been deployed to South Korea.

Stealth bombers on Guam and stealth fighters in South Korea are things that make you go "mmmmm".


The Telegraph (UK) reports US Vice President Cheney launches tirade against N Korea just 48 hours after the US announced it was sending 15 F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighters to South Korea - for an undetermined period.

So, the bombers are on Guam indefinitely and the fighters are in South Korea for an undetermined period. Interesting.

And this comment from Cheney is telling:

But Pyongyang would need to "understand that they're not going to have normal relationships with the outside world in terms of commerce, industry and trade if they become a nuclear power".

Tucked way down in the article is this little nugget:

It has also quietly ended food aid to the regime amid suspicions that the North Koreans were using it to feed the country's elite.

While China threatens Taiwan the US threatens North Korea. The difference however, is Taiwan doesn't have nuclear ambitions. Do you think Bush would make a trade with China? China gets Taiwan and the US "gets" North Korea.

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