Monday, May 23, 2005

America - Newsweeks Assault on America

In their haste to paint US troops as the bad guys, Newsweek ran a bogus story of our troops desecrating the Koran. Riots ensued and 17 people were killed. Newsweek retracted the story but the damage to America was done and those 17 lives are still lost. Either way Newsweek achieved their goal - damage to America.

But the fallout also damaged Newsweek and they wanted revenge. Since the US edition of Newsweek is still in the spotlight, how could Newsweek hit back? By having the Japanese edition put a picture on the front cover with the American flag in a trash can. I'll post the picture after this post.

Newsweek was up in arms over bogus claims US troops deserted something sacred to Muslims but cares nothing for something sacred to Americans. That makes it pretty clear where Newsweeks loyalties lie.

I don't know the best place to complain but I'm going to try here:

Letters to the Editor for the U.S. print edition:

Write them and let them know how hypocritical and anti-American they are.


A commenter noted that the Japanese cover was from a few months back which would make the cause and effect argument void. WND reports the cover is from 2 Feb 2005.

Still, the Koran story and this cover picture together show where Newsweeks loyalties lie.

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