Thursday, May 26, 2005

Guantanamo Bay - Koran Not Flushed

Despite how much,Reuters, The Washington Post, The AP, the ACLU and all the lefties in the world, want the story to be true, it's not and it's old news.

As Just One Minute points out these are unsubstantiated claims by prisoners trained to make such statements.

These repositories of supposedly brilliant minds also want you to overlook the physical impossibility of flushing the Koran down these high tech toilets.

As usual, bloggers are all over MSM's renewed attempt to attack our troops. See Powerline, Just One Minute, and Podhoretz who notes these are the type of things the al Qaeda training manual told them to say.

How many more people are now going to die because of MSM's unrelenting attack on our troops?

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