Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Afghan's Capture Mullah Omar's Brother-in-Law

From The Washington Post

The noose tightens.

The man, Mullah Amanullah, was arrested during a pre-dawn raid in the central province of Uruzgan, Omar's home province, said presidential spokesman Jawed Ludin.[...]

Amanullah was found with money that authorities believe he was preparing to distribute to Taliban fighters, who have stepped up attacks in the run-up to a presidential election on Oct. 9.

He also had a satellite telephone, a pistol and an automatic rifle, Ludin said.

Earlier this month security forces in southern Afghanistan arrested a man they described as Omar's former bodyguard.

The man contacted Omar by telephone in the presence of security forces who said the call was the first indication in months that Omar was still alive. When officers tried to call the telephone number again there was no reply.


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