Sunday, July 18, 2004

New York ruckus brought to you courtesy of Teresa Heinz-Kerry

More on the disruptions planned for the GOP convention in New York.

From Canada Free Press

The Ketchup Queen financed the shadowy Tides Foundation to the tune of $4 million to date. The Tides Foundation funds the Ruckus Society, a notorious group of anarchists who rioted and looted Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization riots.

This summer, the Ruckus Society has been training protesters for the GOP Convention. Included in their how-to Book for Dummies are mass sit-ins, blockades and pie throwing at high-level officials enroute to Madison Square Gardens.

FrontPage has more, lots more, on The Tides Foundation in this article:

"Teresa Heinz Kerry: Bag Lady for the Radical Left"

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