Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bad news for the Democrats but good news for America

Boing, boing; so much for the Edwards bounce and convention bounce.

Consumer Confidence Hits Two-Year High

NEW YORK - Consumer confidence rose for the fourth straight month in July thanks to steady improvements in the job market, the Conference Board (news - web sites) reported Tuesday, putting the indicator at a two-year high.
The New York-based research group reported that its index for consumer confidence rose to 106.1 in July, up from 102.8 in June and well ahead of the figure of 102.0 that investors had been expecting. It was the highest level for the indicator since June 2002.

Lynn Franco, director of the Conference Board's Consumer Research Center, said the gains were fueled by a better outlook for jobs, "and unless the job market sours, consumer confidence should continue to post solid numbers."

That might help explain the latest poll numbers.

Poll Shows Support for Kerry Weakens on Issues and Attributes

July 26, 2004— The critical convention season begins with John Kerry losing momentum at just the hour he'd like to be gaining it: President Bush has clawed back on issues and attributes alike, reclaiming significant ground that Kerry had taken a month ago.

Kerry has lost support against Bush in trust to handle five of six issues tested in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, including terrorism, Iraq, taxes and even health care. And Kerry's ratings on personal attributes — honesty, strong leadership, consistency, empathy and others — have softened as well.

And when Kerry Defends Wife's 'Shove It' Comment (video link here), the Networks Pull Plug on Teresa's Speech.

Add in Chrenkoff's Good News Iraq Part 6 and his Good News Afghanistan, the vindication of Bush by the 9/11 commission and the Senate Intelligence report, Report Clears Army of Prisoner Abuse and I'd say things are looking good for the Republicans.

UPDATE: And the deficit is nearly $100 billion less than the forecast offered five months ago, congressional sources said on Tuesday.

All good news for Bush and Kerry has Wilson, Clarke, Berger and now his wife. Who says politics isn't fun?

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