Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Russian troops in Iraq?

The Asia Times thinks it may be possible before November.

Do not be surprised to see three or four divisions of the Russian army in the Sunni triangle before year-end, with an announcement just prior to the US presidential election in November. Long rumored (or under negotiation), a Russian deployment of 40,000 soldiers was predicted on July 16 by the US intelligence ...

Which might go some way to explain why Russian President Vladimir Putin made his surprise announcement "that his intelligence service had warned the Bush administration before the U.S. invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein's government was planning attacks against U.S. targets both inside and outside the country."

According to the Asia Times article it is an everybody wins situation except for the bad guys.

UPDATE: And this US Offers Citizenship To 7000 Ahiska Muslims is interesting.

KRASNODAR, Russia, July 24, (IslamOnline.net) - The United States has agreed to grant citizenship to 7,000 Ahiska Muslims who will be settled in Pennsylvania, reported a Russian newspaper on Friday, July 23.

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