Sunday, July 18, 2004

Protesting the Protestors - rise of the pro-war movement

I've written before about the falling numbers of anti-war protesters and the rising number of pro-war protesters. Seems the pro-war movement is going nationwide.

From Fox News

A handful of young conservatives founded Protest Warrior (search) last year. With an in-your-face style the group tries to provide a balance at demonstrations promoting a liberal, anti-war agenda.

"We were met with some violence," said Kafir Alfia (search) of Protest Warrior. "A lot of yelling and name calling. 'Nazi' and 'fascist' are very popular."

(Strange, I thought they were against violence)

Leftist event organizers have tried to kick Protest Warrior out of their marches, but police refused, saying protestors can't censor what signs show up at their protest.

After starting out with a handful of people, Protest Warrior is now growing at rate of five to six new members a day, with chapters in 13 cities.

Power to the people! Right on!

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