Friday, July 16, 2004

From Haganah

With Al Qaeda's Europe ultimatum expired, the answer is possibly.

And while Berlusconi battles for survival Italy might just be a prime target. It would not take much to topple Berlusconi and an Al Qaeda attack like Madrid would certainly do the trick.

Thousands protested over Bush's recent visit to Italy. Al Qaeda will surely see this, coupled with Berlusconi's precarious position and the expiration of their ultimatum as the ideal time to strike.

We're detecting discussion/postings in the Qaida-linked forums suggesting that a signal has just been given for an attack, and that the target *may be* Italy. Interested parties should contact me directly for more info.

This is not a drill.

UPDATE 09:23 CDT (GMT -5):

For some time now Internet Haganah, in cooperation with another counter-terrorism organization that specializes in monitoring discussions on Arabic-language forums known to be popular with Al Qaida operatives, has been actively involved in examining such forums for signs of 'command and control', i.e. that the forums may from time to time be used to pass along orders to field operatives.

One active participant in these forums is widely recognized as a source of credible information that originates with people in the leadership circles of various Al Qaida franchises and affiliates. This individual is not known to post information that is off-topic or old. This individual is suspected of ties to acts of Islamic terrorism going back over a decade. This individual is suspected of having previously given "the signal" for terrorist attacks to occur.

Early this morning this individual posted an old speech from bin Laden on a Jihadist forum. This is not normal behavior for this person. He added the comment:

a day we shall never forget

This is also not normal behavior, nor was it apropos to what he had posted, and in light of the suspicions regarding the man's role in "triggering" previous attacks, we take these comments and behaviors as a bad sign.


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