Thursday, July 29, 2004

UK links to Iraq corruption probe

Remember when the anti-war movement and others were condemning the US for the thousands of babies dying in Iraq due to sanctions? The truth is finally coming out and I can't wait to see George Galloway in court.

UK citizens and companies are being investigated over claims of corruption in Iraq's Oil-for-Food scheme, it has been revealed.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has told MPs a "small number of UK individuals and entities" are named in papers about the inquiry sent to the government.

The scheme was set up so Iraq to use some of oil money to buy food and aid.

Instead a lot of people lined their pockets while Saddam squandered the money on luxuries.

UPDATE: One of my readers pointed out that I forgot to post the link to the story. My apologies and here is the link:



Anonymous said...

It has been reveiled? where? why dont you post a decent link to back up your story.Jezus.

Anonymous said...

Whist the Oil for Food programme looks as though it may have been criminally badly implemented the main culpability for the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi kids still lies with the ridiculous US led sanctions regime (and Saddam obviously - but then we know he's 'evil').

To give Bush his due, whatever the merits of his choice to go to war at least he broke the lethal stalemate.

Marc said...

"may have been criminally badly implemented"

We are talking $10 Billion that was suppose to feed and give medical treatment to the Iraqi people.

No, it was Saddam and those that stole money from the Iraqi people that killed those helpless Iraqis.

"with the ridiculous US led sanctions"

Some say no sanctions and some say no war, but hey offer no alternative.

Brain Bliss