Thursday, July 29, 2004

Al-Qaida-linked statement threatens `waterfalls of blood' in Europe

From CBS New York

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) A statement purportedly from an al-Qaida-linked group threatens ``waterfalls of blood'' in European cities because the continent didn't respond to Osama bin Laden's demand that they leave Iraq and Afghanistan within three months.

The statement, dated Wednesday, was posted on an Islamic Web Site known for its extremist content. It was written in the name of the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades, which has made similar threats in the past,

According to the threat, Italy will be the first to face attack for not meeting bin Laden's demand. Premier Silvio Berlusconi has been a steadfast U.S. ally and contributed about 3,000 soldiers to the coalition, behind only the United States and Britain. Poland has about 2,400 troops in Iraq, while several other European countries have smaller contingents there.

``We will create waterfalls of blood that will drag you to their depths. You have condemned your people to that. The infidel Europe has done the same to its people by following America. We will destroy European cities, starting by you, Berlusconi,'' the statement said. ``The cities will bleed until all of you, European leaders and people, come to your senses. Withdraw your deadly missions from Iraq.''[...]

``Today, we have declared a bloody war against you. We will not stop our attacks until you have come to your senses,'' the statement said.


Al-Qaeda Trots Europe on "SA Identity"

Al-Qaeda terrorists are traveling through Europe equipped with South African passports, local authorities alarmed on Thursday.

Officials believed the forgery network came from crime syndicates operating inside the government agency that issues the documents.

The news broke after a top police official said "boxes and boxes" of the identity documents were discovered in London.

Barry Gilder, director general of the Home Affairs Department, said he came across a number of instances in which South African passports were found in the hands of al-Qaeda suspects or associates in Europe. It happened in his current capacity and earlier when he was deputy director in the National Intelligence Agency.

And some of these are already turning up in America.

Woman with altered passport detained

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Authorities have detained a woman who had six pages ripped from her passport and are investigating whether she has ties to terrorist organizations, government officials said Wednesday.

Authorities arrested the woman, who identified herself as Farida Goolam Mohamed Ahmed, on July 19 in Texas, and are trying to confirm her identity and nationality.

Government officials said that name is on an FBI watch list and that it was put on the list after it surfaced during an investigation of an overseas terrorist incident.[...]

They discovered that her South African passport had missing pages and lacked a stamp for entry into the United States.


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