Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The BBC stabs America in the Back

From The BBC

In an article, prominently placed on the BBC World webpage, titled "State Of The Union: The power of the armed forces" writer Robert Hodierne makes some outrageous and dead wrong statements. What is more egregious is that Hodierne is "the number two manager in a 100-person newsroom that produces the weekly newspapers Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times, Air Force Times, Defense News and Federal Times ".

If you read his article you will note he provides absolutely no proof or links to back up any of his claims.

Here are some of his outrageous statements.

And from Iraq we hear the sickening, sucking sound of combat boots stuck in an oozing quagmire.

Perhaps Mr. Hodierne should read Chrenkoff's Good News Iraq series which is up to part six now and was featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Or maybe read a few Iraqi polls. Here is one from the anti-American newspaper The Guardian which states:

The poll was the latest in a series which this overwhelmingly Shia province has held in the past six weeks, and the results have been surprising. Seventeen towns have voted, and in almost every case secular independents and representatives of non-religious parties did better than the Islamists.

And from The Washington Post we learn:

68 percent of Iraqis have confidence in their new leaders

73 percent of Iraqis polled approved of Allawi to lead the new government

84 percent approved of President Ghazi Yawar

two-thirds backed the new Cabinet

Four out of every five Iraqis expected that the new government will "make things better" for Iraq

Some quagmire!

Hodierne starts to show his true colors now though.

Last time around, you may recall, most Americans voted for Al Gore.

Then how come Bush is president and Gore isn't? How come Gore is not the Democratic nominee for president and Kerry is? How come several recounts and post election analysis proves Bush won and by a wider margin than previously thought?

Where is your proof or some links to back up this absurd and false claim Mr. Hodieerne?

Here, here and here are a few to get you started Mr. Hodierne. Let us not forget that the Supreme Court of the United States, in deciding to overturn Florida courts decisions in regards to recounts, made the final decision.

Mr. Hodierne may not like the electoral college or the Supreme Courts decision or indeed the closeness of the contest, but make no mistake George Bush won the 2000 presidential election fairly and legally.

The reason Florida was so important is it decided the election in favor of Bush. What does this have to do with Mr. Hodierne's rant in his article? Florida does not allow convicted felons to vote and some claim had they been allowed to vote Bush would have lost the election. Mr. Hodierne is going to try and say the same may happen again.

In America, it used to be if you were convicted of a serious crime - a felony - you lost your right to vote for the rest of your life.

Not many places still have that law. But Florida does.

That is outright false and a man of Mr. Hodierne's so called stature should no better. The BBC should have at least checked out the facts.

While many states have made changes and are continuing to address the issue the following are the facts: (Sentencing Project)

48 states and the District of Columbia prohibit inmates from voting while incarcerated for a felony offense.

Only two states - Maine and Vermont - permit inmates to vote.

• 35 states prohibit felons from voting while they are on parole and 31 of these states exclude felony probationers as well

How desperate are Mr. Hodierne and the Democrats?

Democrats have been busy in court trying to get that law changed. Apparently they see a lot of votes in the felon class.

I'm still laughing at that one!

Look at this next statement from a man who is suppose to have such great journalist credentials.

If, as many assume, most of the military vote Republican, then their votes in Florida the last time around might have tipped the balance for Bush.

"As many assume", real scientific Mr. Hodierne. And what is this "might have tipped the balance"? He did win, Mr. Hodierne and you and the Democrats have to get over it. The more you sing the song "the election was stolen from Gore" the more we are going to ask "why then is Gore not a shoo in this time", "why is Gore not your candidate this time"? You can't have it both ways, Mr. Hodierne.

I could go on and take his article apart piece by piece but I'm not going to waste anymore time on it. Mr. Hodierne goes much further on with the most outrageous trash and the BBC give him all the webspace he wants to do it.

Shameful and another stab in America's back from the BBC.

UPDATE: One of my readers points out an aspect of the military vote in Florida that is very important. One that Mr. Hodierne is very aware of and conviently left out of his article. It concerns Al Gore's attempts to invalidate US military absentee ballots in Florida. That's right, brave men and women serving in combat situations, defending the nation and the Constitution and the man who wants to be President of that nation, tries to deny them their constitutional right to vote.

Vet Votes Voided by Greedy Gore Gang


Anonymous said...

seems to me that the only reason felons don't vote for republicans is that the bulk of republican felons somehow manage to get away with it. or don't get reported or caught...primarily coz they are who they are and members of this or that secret society that protect their own...amongst other reasons.

Marc said...

Sorry about that folks. That was my son posting about a comment I made on his blog in regards on how to play a game.

Funny, in a way it seems to apply to this post anyway.

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