Friday, July 16, 2004

The Patriot Act vindicated

From Redstate

After much calmoring from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Patriot Act has withstood its' first test.

Any "B" horror film director can tell you that monsters are always the scariest when they're kept lurking in the darkness. At the end of January 2004, the Justice Department's Inspector General completed its Patriot Act-mandated six-month review of civil rights and civil liberties complaints levied against actions conducted under the Patriot Act. The results were that out of 1266 complaints, the Inspector General found precisely zero abuses of the Patriot Act. That's right, in the report by the agency Congress designated to investigate allegations of abuse under the Act, the Patriot Act has been responsible for violating the civil rights of exactly no one. If you are surprised to hear this, it's no wonder. The major networks and major news papers barely breathed a word of it.

And remember, this review was done by an agency designated by Congress to investigate alleged abuses.

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