Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Twin Towers 'key suspect' breaks cover to email wife in Germany

From The Telegraph

By Massoud Ansari in Karachi and Tony Paterson in Berlin
(Filed: 25/07/2004)

A key September 11 suspect who disappeared eight days before the attacks on the World Trade Centre has broken his cover by emailing his wife in Germany, prompting Pakistani police to renew their hunt for him.

Said Bahaji, 29, a German of Moroccan origin who is alleged to have been the link between the Hamburg al-Qaeda cell - which masterminded the attacks - and Osama bin Laden, is believed to have been hiding in Pakistan and Afghanistan ever since the attacks.

In an email to his wife, Nese, who still lives in Germany, Bahaji revealed that he was being well looked after despite being on the run. Addressing her as "My Rose", Bahaji wrote: "The people here love Arabs. The simplest of people welcome us. Their wives can't wait to cook and do our laundry for us."


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