Friday, July 23, 2004

Navy: USS John F. Kennedy Collide With Dhow in Gulf

Shades of the USS Cole! Was this merely an accident or a terrorist dry run?

From AP

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) - The USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier collided with a dhow in the Arabian Gulf while running night flights in support of U.S. operations in Iraq, the Navy said Friday. The crew of the small boat was missing.

The Navy said none of its sailors were hurt and described the Thursday night collision as an accident. A nearby British warship, the Somerset, sent teams to search for the dhow's crew but had found nothing so far, the Navy said in a statement from its 5th Fleet headquarters in Bahrain.



Anonymous said...

I spent enough time in the Gulf to know most of the Dhow's that ply the waters run without running lights. Chances are this is an accident.

While an A/C carrier would be an inviting target a Dhow would have to have a few tons to do much damage to one


Marc said...

I thought that might be the case but I read a comment on another blog by a Navy officer saying it wouldn't take that much explosive "of the right kind".

I guess we are all jumpy after 9/11.

Cheers, Marc

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