Thursday, July 22, 2004

BBC insults Bush. Just how low can the BBC go? Posted by Hello


David said...

They have obviously never tried the British Army need for additional wee - already tastes as if it is part of the ingredients, especially in the chicken curry meal......

BBC website is getting sooooooooo desperate now. They even have an 'article' on GWB's giving up drink years ago! I would have thought battling and WINNING something like that would show the good side of GWB but the Beeb think it belittles him....Nothing on there about Kerry's inability to stay with one woman and his mercenary tendancies re marital money matters!

Marc said...

David, do you have a link to the Bush and drinking article?

What a shameful organization the BBC are. By putting the word "urine" directly above Bush's head, they are in essence saying "piss on Bush". Sure I can take a joke but the BBC news site is not the place for such vulgar behavior.

Is this the pride of the British nation? Their flagship news group.

It just shows the childish mindset that permeates the BBC.

Anonymous said...

Where's the insult?
This is taking paranoia to whole new levels!

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