Saturday, August 20, 2005

America - John Kerry Blisters Republicans

That headline leaves no doubt as to AP reporter, David Ammons', bias in this Guardian report.

The headline is funny too, seeing as how Bush defeated Kerry for the Presidentcy and the Republicans won more seats in both houses of Congress and more Govenorships. Some blistering!

John Kerry is on his usual rant and Ammons and the Guardian are happy to be his mouthpiece.

Sen. John F. Kerry told state legislators Friday the Democratic Party doesn't need to undergo an extreme makeover, saying ``the last thing America needs is a second Republican Party.''

After blistering Republicans on everything from Iraq to health care, Kerry said Democrats have an opportunity to rebuild nationally by simply addressing the concerns that affect people's daily lives - energy, transportation, health care and security.

Yeah, like that worked out so well for you last time. He's right about the extreme makeover bit though. The Democratic party needs a labatomy.

And Ammons, like many other in the media continue to spread false impression that Bush favors teaching intelligent design in school.

In an arch comment about the president's recent statement in favor of teaching ``intelligent design'' as an alternative to the theory of evolution, Kerry said, ``I think we ought to be getting some intelligent design in our policy in Iraq.''

The BBC spread that false assertion as well and Scott corrected the record.

This is what we've come to expect from the Guardian - rubbish.

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