Sunday, August 21, 2005

Britain - Who's Behind Justice4Jean Menezes?

Good question, but don't rely on The BBC to tell you.

Asad Rehman, spokesman for the Justice4Jean Family Campaign said "The home secretary must now use his powers to order a full judicial inquiry into the killing."

Could it be George Galloway perhaps?

Long-standing civil rights campaigner Asad Rehman has been acting as George Galloway’s political assistant for the former Labour MP’s European election campaign. He talked to fellow Muslim Naima Bouteldja about his decision to work with Galloway and the emergence of a progressive Islamic politics in the UK.

There's no doubt the Menezes case needs to be thourghly investigated and there's equally no doubt that Galloway will use anybodies grief to further his agenda.

Via The House of Dumb

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