Friday, August 19, 2005

Islam - Deporting Imams A Bad Idea

Reuters reports one Imam thinks so.

Expelling Islamist clerics deemed to be glorifying terrorism serves only to radicalise them further and put them beyond the reach of western intelligence services, a Senegalese imam deported from Italy said on Friday.

Well, he would say that then wouldn't he?

Mamour Fall, who was sent back to Senegal in 2003 after being branded a national security threat, said he had been freely preaching the message of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to young Muslims in his home country.

Ah, yes, but at least now we are not paying for the priviledge and you're not preaching to young Muslims in Italy anymore. Likewise for those deported from France and Germany. Sadly, we are still paying for some here in Britain.

"The policy of expulsion is like a boomerang. It doesn't work," the bearded cleric, dressed in white robes, told Reuters in an interview in the lobby of a Dakar hotel.

"(Western governments) are doing our work for us because those who are expelled are angry. It works in our favour."

Sure it works. You are no longer able to poison the minds of young Italian Muslims. Likewise those expelled from Fance and Germany will no longer be able to poison young Muslim minds there.

As for being angry, you were already angry, that's why you were preaching hate.

Although he still had contacts in Italy, where he was imam of the small northern town of Carmagnola, Fall said he had a bigger audience and a freer reign now he was back in Senegal.

A freer reign is something the Senegal officials need to deal with and we should help them.

While he may have a bigger audience, at least they won't be homegrown terrorists and hopefully with tighter border controls and security we can stop his followers from coming in.

Expelling radicals is just one weapon in the war on terror.

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