Sunday, August 21, 2005

Britain - Muslim leaders 'in denial'

It is a rare day when I have anything good to day about the BBC and I'm not going to go overboard yet but if this article is any indication of how good their upcoming program about Islam is, I'll have more to say.

The Panorama special A Question of Leadership is on BBC One at 2220BST on Sunday, 21 August. And from this article it looks like the BBC has taken the gloves off. We'll see.

MCB [Muslim Council of Britain] secretary general Sir Iqbal Sacranie was asked after the 7 July attacks to help set up a task force to root out extremism in Britain's Muslim communities.

After meeting Tony Blair in Downing Street on 19 July he said: "The community is determined to deal with this issue head on."

But an investigation by Panorama reporter John Ware found groups affiliated to the MCB promoting anti-Semitic views, the belief that Islam is a superior ideology to secular British values and the view that Christians and Jews are conspiring to undermine Islam.

In an interview with Mr Ware, Sir Iqbal refused to disown a group known as Al-e-Hadith, which says the ways of Christians and Jews "are based on sick or deviant views" and that "imitating the Kuffar [non-Muslims] leads to a permanent abode in hellfire".

Note the "Sir". Dispite his public anti-Semitic views Britain gave Iqbal a Knighthood in an attempt at Muslim appeasement over Iraq and to win Muslim votes.

Commenting on the group, Sir Iqbal said "we must accept the reality" of the diversity within the Muslim community in the UK.

He also praised the work of the Islamic Foundation, which promotes the teachings of Jamaa'at Islami founder Sayid Mawdudi.

Mr Mawdudi wrote Islam was a "revolutionary ideology which seeks to alter the social order of the entire world".

No "we" don't have to accept racism, anti-Semitic and intolerant groups and the fact that Iqbal and most Muslims do speaks volumes.

Converting the entire world into an Islamic state is the whole purpose of Islam and it must be defeated.

In a wide ranging interview, Mr Ware also tackled Sir Iqbal on his decision not to attend the Holocaust Day Memorial and his attendance of a memorial service for Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who supported suicide bombers in Israel.

Asked what kind of signal his presence at Sheikh Yassin's memorial service sent to young British Muslims, Sir Iqbal said: "If your whole question is based upon one aspect of that person's belief in terms of supporting it, we look into the wider picture. The suicide bombing that you're referring to is one aspect of the whole struggle."

But Sir Iqbal condemned suicide bombings by British Muslims anywhere and said there was no difference between the life of a Palestinian and the life of a Jew and that all life was sacred.

In a separate interview, a senior spokesman for one of the MCB's main affiliates, the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), appeared to condone the glorification of suicide bombers.

You have to listen very carefully to what they say. Most statements refer to the sacred lives of the "innocent" i.e. Muslims and not us infidels.

The MCB has made a formal complaint to the BBC accusing it of "blatant pro-Israeli bias" and "undermining community relations in the UK".

In his letter of complaint, written before he had viewed the programme, Sir Iqbal said: "It appears the BBC is more interested in furthering a pro-Israeli agenda than assessing the work of Muslim organisations in the UK."

You see? It's all the Jews fault. Iqbal hasn't even seen the program and he's already blaming Israel. And anybody in their right mind knows full well that the BBC is pro-Palestinian.

It's sad it took the murder of over 50 innocent people by Muslim terrorists to wake the BBC up. But thankfully, finally, the BBC is exposing the MCB, the MAB and Islam for the danger they pose.

There is absolutely no doubt that the goal of Islam is to convert the entire world, by force if necessary, to an Islamic state, to wipe out the Jews, Christians, to subjugate women and take us all back to the stone age.

This BBC program should finally put an end to the notion that there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim. There can't be because Islam forbids it and the MCB and MAB are proof of that.

The Panorama special A Question of Leadership is on BBC One at 2220BST on Sunday, 21 August.

This is a must watch program.

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