Monday, August 22, 2005

Britain - Islam Exposed

This is a unique day for me for I believe it is the first time I have ever said anything good about the BBC. But I will give them credit where it's due and they deserve credit for last night's Panorama show, "A Question of Leadership".

Investigative reporter John Ware pulled no punches, asked direct questions and got disturbing answers. And straight answers were hard to come by as Muslim leaders twisted and squirmed as they tried not to answer directly.

One thing that was made crystal clear in the program, both by evidence produced by Ware and from Muslim scholars themselves, is that Islam speaks with two voices - one for public consumption, us infidels, and one for Muslim ears only. Publicly, Muslim Imams, leaders and scholars speak of peace, harmony and tolerance. But privately Muslims are taught from a young age that they are superior and that we are inferior and therefore Muslims should shun Christians, Jews and unbelievers.

The BBC's premise for the show is that Muslim leaders are in denial about Muslim extremism in Britain. Ware proved conclusively that far from being in denial, Muslim leaders are embracing Muslim extremism. The leader of the MCB, Iqbal Sacranie, refused to attend the Holocaust memorial but attended the memorial service for the leader of the terrorist organization, Hamas. And he compared suicide bombers to freedom fighters like Mandela and Gandhi. The leader of the MAB glorified suicide bombers.

What is made clear in the program is not only is the Muslim Council of Britain doing nothing to stop Muslim terrorism, they are in effect promoting it. It is also evident that the two largest Muslim bodies in Britain, The Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain, are infected with extreme Islamic fundamentalism from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The only slightly encouraging thing about the show was that there were some Muslim leaders that seemed to disagree with the MCB and MAB and spoke out. But is this the "public voice" they want us to hear while they say something quite different in private?

If there are dissenting voices within the Muslim community in Britain, why are they not marching and protesting? Planned marches protesting Muslim terrorism in the aftermath of the London bombings were cancelled. Similar plans in America have failed.

One glaring omission from the show was that there was no mention of bin Laden or al Qaeda. I know there were time constraints but you would have thought the BBC would at least have gotten the MCB and the MAB's opinion of the world's number one terrorist on record. We already know Sacranie's position because he is on record saying there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist and he wants to make it a crime to say it. One reason for the omission however, might be that the BBC itself is still in denial and to include al Qaeda would be counter to their claim that a world wide terror network does not exist. That claim was made in an earlier Panorama program - "The Power of Nightmares".

It's sad that it took the deaths of over 50 innocent British citizens to force the BBC into investigating the leading Muslim bodies in Britain. If their deaths result in the British public awakening to the danger in their midst's, they will not have died in vain.

We need many more shows like this.

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