Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Britain - How the British Media Aids Muslim Terrorists

First, Scott caught The Guardian using a Muslim apologist to shill for Muslim terrorists.

Now, he catches the Independent.

Read the whole thing but here are the two things that stood out for me.

In fact, Mr. Bodi remains rather confused about his position on the issue of Iraq and the London bombings. Here he is in an Australian Broadcasting Corporation interview just this month:

TONY JONES: Now only days after the first London bombings you wrote in The Guardian, "The bloody trail of blame leads straight to 10 Downing Street." Were you suggesting in any way that Britain's role in the Iraq war may have justified those attacks?

FAISAL BODI: Absolutely. That's exactly what I was saying. It's quite clear to everybody on the street, except the Government, which appears to be in denial at the moment, that without our intervention in Iraq we would have avoided the atrocities that happened on July 7th and the attempted bombings on July 21st.

Prompted by Jones, Bodi caught and corrected himself.

I wonder if Bodi could explain to us then, why it was that al Qaeda planned to fly a plane into Parliament on 9/11? That was well before Iraq or Afghanistan.

Scott continues.

As I mentioned, I didn't see the Panorama programme, so I can't comment on it. I do have one question for Mr. Bodi, however. He writes, with disparaging sarcasm:

"It accused the umbrella group [Muslim Council of Britain] of speaking with a forked tongue, saying that it was opposed to terrorism while its affiliates encouraged it from the pulpits and in their publications.

"The evidence for Panorama's disturbing conclusion rested on the shocking discovery that the MCB's affiliates believed in the supremacy of Islam over other faiths, the subordination of politics to religion, and martyrdom."

Bodi obviously doesn't find this shocking but we should.

Read the whole thing.

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