Tuesday, August 23, 2005

America - Paul Krugman Update

Paul Krugman, with the help of the New York Times, tried to claim Al Gore won the 2000 election.

Having been forcefully proved completely wrong and the NYT deluged with complaints, Krugman now backtracks and admits Bush won. But then he spends the rest of his article fantasizing in conjecture trying to show how Gore might have won. I guess this is what they call a retraction at the NYT.

I emailed Krugman and the NYT but didn't get a reply. So, I tried again.


As an American citizen living in the UK, I am both saddened and appalled that you did not force Mr. Krugman to retract his absurd claims made in his article “What they did last fall”.

I, and I’m sure others, emailed you conclusive proof that, Mr. Krugman’s assertion that Gore won Florida and the 2000 election, was pure fantasy. If fact, in his latest article, where he tries to backtrack, Krugman even admits that Bush won. But then spends the rest of the article with conjecture like “if this” or “if that”, “what would have happened” and “which is a possibility”.

Anybody can play that game. If the Democrats hadn’t committed so much voter fraud, Bush would have won by an even wider margin. See?

Sadly, this is the kind of absurd nonsense we have come to expect from the New York Times, Jason Blair and now Paul Krugman.

As I travel around the UK and the people I meet realize that I am an American, I am repeatedly asked, “Why does the once great New York Times print such easily refutable nonsense” or stronger words to that effect.

Mr. Krugman opens his article with this:

“The 2000 election is still an open sore on the body politic. That was clear from the outraged reaction to my mention last week of what would have happened with a full statewide manual recount of Florida.”

It’s no wonder it is still and open sore, what with people like Mr. Krugman making absurd claims and the NYT giving him a platform to spout easily refutable nonsense. Don’t forget, a lot of that “outraged reaction” was aimed at the New York Times as well, for allowing Mr. Krugman to get away with his deceit.

Worse still, I emailed you proof that the Democrats committed widespread voter fraud in the 2004 election, contrary to Mr. Krugman’s assertion that the Republican’s stole the election. You didn’t force Mr. Krugman to retract that and he doesn’t address it in his latest article.

Why in the world would a world-renowned newspaper like the New York Times allow itself to be a party to such obvious deceit? Wasn’t Jason Blair enough of a wake up call for you?

I’m sure the drop in your circulation figures are showing how much and how fast you are losing credibility. Mr. Krugman lost all of his a long time ago. How long before the New York Times credibility is beyond repair?

You should be ashamed to be associated with such deceit and should fire Mr. Krugman forthwith.



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