Monday, August 22, 2005

Islam - They Don't Like Criticism

And Muslims try and stifle any criticism; even if they have to take you to court.

Last week Martin Bright, writing in the Observer, criticized the Muslim Council of Britain. The Muslim establishment was quick to pour scorn on Bright's article. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, most if not all of what Bright wrote can be proved. Last night the BBC, in a Panorama program, provided more proof that Bright was correct.

Fe'reeha M. Idrees, a Freelance Journalist, writing in Asians in Media, joined the chours of Muslims condemning Bright's article. Idrees wrote:

My complaint is not that the newspaper's Martin Bright wrote against the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), but that it printed an ill-researched feature built on loose assumptions and arguments.

Idrees is being less than honest here.

First of all, Bright's "loose assumptions and arguments" are easily proved via the internet.

Secondly, Idrees is upset that Bright criticized the MCB - because Idrees writes for the MCB.

Idrees is also a Muslim terrorist apologist for he writes:

"We have to make the world realise that the man going out with a suicide bomb is not doing that after reading Quran, but driven by hunger and depression."

And yet we know that not to be true. Muslim suicide terrorists come from well educated families with good incomes. One of the London Muslim terrorists was out joy riding in his brand new red Mercedes the night before he murdered innocent Britons. And all Muslim terrorists strike after reading the Quran.

Idrees goes on with the usual Muslim talking points and plays the victim card. He ends his screed with this:

No matter what President Bush or Tony Blair says, the fact remains on the ground that an obvious hatred has started against Muslims and Islam by the western powers and media. Long live Humanity and Peace to world!

And yet it is Muslims who are doing the terrorising Mr. Idrees. So, who is hating whom here?

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