Wednesday, August 31, 2005

America - US Military a "mercenary Army"

That's according to Newsweek's Eleanor Clift.

Clift made the comment during a discussion about military recruiting efforts.

"But I think what we're coming to grips with is the fact that we actually have a mercenary Army," Clift said, according to a transcript of "The McLaughlin Group" program.

"And it doesn't have a nice ring to it. We call it 'volunteers,' but we're basically paying people to serve their country. And if you're going to pay people and have a mercenary Army, you're going to have to pay the market rate. And so the bounties are going up - more money for tuition, higher enlistment bonuses - and I think it's appropriate."

The Freedom Alliance wants a retraction and an apology from Clift. And they had this to say about her comments.

"It is a vile and thankless description of those who are responsible for defending your life and right to free expression," Kilgannon wrote in the letter.

"A professional wordsmith such as yourself should understand that mercenary troops have no loyalties, no ties and no bonds to any nation. They fight not for duty, flag or country but for selfish gain. They have no regard for political ideology and no respect for national interests. Often, at the first sign of resistance, mercenary troops turn and run."


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