Monday, August 22, 2005

America - Loves Its Troops

And they show it by picking up the tab.

Random acts of kindness are happening in Lake County.

Restaurants on the North Shore say their patrons are getting into the habit of picking up the tabs of fellow diners who happen to be military personnel as a gesture of goodwill.

At Egg Harbor Cafe, a cozy breakfast and lunch spot in Lake Forest, sailors from the Great Lakes Naval Base in North Chicago are treated to free meals several times a month. Diners started picking up the tab after Sept. 11, manager Michelle Rasmus said.

Most of the time, it's done anonymously. All of the time, the sailors are "very grateful," she said.

The restaurant has even taken a page from diners and foots the bill of one table of military personnel every month, Rasmus said.

At the Lantern, a family-style restaurant in Lake Forest, servers have come to recognize one male customer in his 30s who always picks up soldiers' tabs when he is there.

"Sometimes their tab is bigger than his tab," said waitress Sheena Shelafoe, who has seen it happen at least five times.

This actually goes on all over America and around the world. I've picked up the tab for troops drinks at the airport whenever I'm traveling and find our troops. Not only that, I've picked up the tab for British troops whenever I find them.

So, next time you're out and about and find our troops, pick up the tab and show your gratitude.

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