Saturday, August 20, 2005

Britain - The protocols of the elders of the BBC

Rod Liddle takes on Islam in The Spectator.

An absolute must read.

"It’s a racist thesis, isn’t it? Those people who are opposed to Israel’s policies are usually at pains to point out that they are not being anti-Semitic, merely anti-Zionist. It is not the Jews to whom we are opposed, they say — it’s the Zionists. In which case you’d expect them to be happy to spend two minutes in silence commemorating those six million Jews, those non-Israeli citizens by definition, murdered by the Nazis. But Sacranie and Bunglawala wouldn’t even cross the road to attend such a memorial. It wasn’t because there are altogether too many of these sorts of commemoration these days, to the extent that they have become almost meaningless. It was because the commemoration was for the Jews; ergo, in my book, they’re anti-Semitic. They’re Jew-haters. I thought as much at the time and think it even more so now."

And Britain Knighted Sacranie.

"Then there’s the business about the Holocaust and the fact that both are, at best, equivocal about suicide-bombings against the Israelis, regardless of the number of non-combatants killed (just Jews, after all). They condemned the attacks upon London, right enough — as did the ‘extremist’ group Hizb ut-Tahrir: but this weasely refusal to grip hold of the fact that suicide-bombings against civilians are savage and bestial no matter where they are effected, no matter who is killed — infidels, Jews, Muslims — is the crucial point. It is a short step from assigning all Israelis the status of combatants (as the apologists for such murders do) to assigning the same status to the British people for our support of the war in Iraq. It’s all there in the Koran, if you’re in doubt."

And Liddle lays the blame right where it belongs - on Islam.

"Trouble is, Islam as a religion does not have much time for such decadent, Western, Judaeo-Christian notions as freedom of speech — and, more dangerously still, there are altogether too many white liberals around prepared to pay obeisance to such repulsive and authoritarian instincts. We are soon to have a law on the Statute Books which forbids you and me from suggesting, however tentatively, that Islam is a primitive, vicious and bigoted religion. The law has been devised to placate the likes of Sacranie and, indeed, secure the votes of the Muslim community. Now the MCB — ‘moderates’, remember — wishes to stop the BBC screening a programme which investigates its core beliefs and which challenges the politically expedient idea that we are all basically in accord — the Christians and the Muslims."

It will be interesting to see if the BBC airs the program at all or if the BBC waters it down.

"Good luck, mate. And if the BBC does cave in and either scrap the showing or soften its tone, we should make sure the thing is shown in cinemas across the country. As decadent Western cockroaches destined to burn in the fires of hell, we don’t have much going for us. Except freedom of speech."

And they're trying to take that away from us.

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