Sunday, August 28, 2005

Israel - Ten hurt in S Israel bomb blast

And as usual The BBC try and blame Israel.

Look at what is sandwiched between these two paragraphs about the attack.

Two of the injured are gravely ill. The blast - the first since Israel pulled its settlers out of the Gaza Strip - came during the morning rush hour.

Three days ago Israeli forces killed five Palestinians in the West Bank. The Islamic Jihad group had sworn revenge.

In the Beersheba attack, "a suicide bomber blew himself up on the street before he could get on a bus," police spokesman Avi Zelba said.

Got that? The evil Israeli's killed five plain old Palestinians and this suicide bombing is revenge for the outrage.

In the wake of the Hutton report the BBC, stinging from the sharp criticism concerning its bias, have resorted to more and more "bias by omission". That is, not giving you all the details so the story can be biased the way they want it slanted. In this case against the Israelis.

Here are some critical details the BBC don't want you to know about.

Five Palestinians were killed, including an Islamic Jihad leader who had orchestrated two suicide bombings, Israel's military said.

It's not as if the BBC didn't know about these details. And this isn't just a tit-for-tat attack as the BBC portray it. Here is more from The Baltimore Sun.

Islamic Jihad sent a suicide bomber into Tel Aviv in February and another into Netanya in July. Five Israelis were killed in each attack. The cell's leadership was traced to the Tulkarm area, and Israel has been hunting its members, saying that even under the truce, it has the right to take defensive measures.

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said the arrest raid targeted those fugitives. "They were planning a suicide bombing attack in Israel," he told Israel TV.

Palestinians said the Israelis opened fire first, and Mofaz did not deny it. "Weapons were drawn on the soldiers and gunfire resulted," he said.

According to Palestinian witnesses, young Palestinians were sitting outdoors, eating sunflower seeds and talking to a well-known militant leader, when undercover Israeli troops jumped out of a Mercedes.

If you just read the BBC story you get the false impression that Israel is the aggressor. Just what the BBC want you to think.

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