Saturday, August 20, 2005

Britain - Expelling the Imams

With Italy expelling Muslim terrorists and now Germany, Britain may be getting ready follow suit.

A FRESH wave of arrests of Islamic radicals is expected next week when Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, introduces tough new immigration rules to deal with recently-arrived preachers of hate.

Ministers want to see the young foreign imams swiftly thrown out of the country. How they manage the fast-track expulsions will be seen as a test of Tony Blair’s assertion that the rules have changed.

Those targeted for explusion are not limited to Imams.

The wanted list is said also to include owners of radical bookshops, website operators and a number of teachers of different nationalities. Many are being kept under surveillance for fear that they may go into hiding before the arrest orders are given.

Here's what's covered in the new rules.

In future unacceptable behaviour will include fomenting terrorism or seeking to provoke others to terror, justifying terrorism, fomenting other serious criminal activity, fostering hatred that may lead to intracommunity violence, advocating violence in support of particular beliefs and expressing what the Government considers to be extreme views conflicting with Britain’s culture of tolerance.

The regulations will apply to anyone who preaches, delivers speeches, writes, publishes, distributes or operates a website that contains such material.

George Galloway should be the first one they arrest.

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