Sunday, August 28, 2005

Britain - Government 'wastes' African aid

But who does The BBC single out for criticism in their report? America. Natch.

The government has been accused of wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of African aid.

The BBC's Five Live Report found more than £700,000 spent on hotel bills and meals for US workers in Malawi.

And who were these US workers?

US agencies which had been brought in as consultants included the National Democratic Institute (NDI), used on a project to improve the parliamentary committee system in Malawi.

The £1m donated to the project from US funds was used solely to pay for NDI staff there, the BBC report said.

Interesetingly, the BBC doesn't tell you who is behind NDI. They do provide a link to them but you have to go and investigate yourself. And when you do, you find out that NDI is a who's who of the Democratic party.

Madeleine K. Albright, Chairman
Geraldine A. Ferraro
Walter F. Mondale
Michael S. Dukakis
Richard A. Gephardt
Mario M. Cuomo

To name but a few.

Here is what NDI says about itself on its website.

NDI is proud to draw on the traditions of the U.S. Democratic Party. While the Institute's identification with the Democratic Party enhances its standing throughout the world, NDI programs are nonpartisan, fostering universal values and supporting democratic processes rather than a particular party or ideology.

I think it's what they call "context".

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