Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Afghan Christian convert 'faces execution'

The BBC report.

The US and three Nato allies have expressed concern over reports that a Muslim convert to Christianity could face the death penalty in Afghanistan.

Instead of pointing out how barbaric and widespread this Islamic law is, the BBC use the case to snipe at the US. Which is probably the only reason the BBC are reporting on the case.

By the way they persecute women and gays as well. Why do you suppose the Left never speak out against these Muslim abuses?

The BBC is quick to point out that the US "made a subdued appeal for him to be allowed to practise his faith..." and they note all the countries who have issued calls for religious tolerance. Did you notice which country is conspicuously absent from the list? Britain.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is in the Middle East calling for other religions to be tolerant of Islam.

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