Thursday, March 23, 2006

US - Differences between Left/Right blogs

Powerline has some interesting thoughts on the subject.

Although Bowers' oft-repeated conclusion is silly, some of the differences he cites between conservative and left-wing blogs are real. They reflect the fact that conservative blogs have never focused on the avowed goals of blogs like the Daily Kos and MyDD, which Bowers describes as "build[ing] communities of activists and generat[ing] new political activity online." We have focused instead on providing commentary, especially commentary that rapidly debunks biased reporting by the MSM.

It would be interesting to speculate on why left-wing and conservative blogs have gone in different directions. It may have to do with the fact that the left in this country is so far removed from power. In any event, if the left's activist blogging model turns out to be advantageous, conservative blogs of the same nature will spring up and prosper.

I think he misses the biggest reason of all even though he alluded to it in the preceeding paragraph. Since MSM are the mouthpiece of the Left, the Right in the blogsphere have to concentrate a lot more on debunkning the biased reporting of MSM. That's why a lot of our focus is there.

On the other hand, he's right about the Left being so removed from power. That makes the Left have to focus on trying to get people elected. Fortunately, they really suck at it.

Daily Kos raised more than $500,000 to assist the campaigns of fifteen candidates. None were elected.

That's worth repeating. Of the 15 candidates that Kos endorsed and raised over $500,000 for, not a single one was elected.

While on the Right we have had and continue to have great success in exposing the Left wing bias in MSM, even to the point of biased journalist losing their jobs.

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