Wednesday, March 22, 2006

UK - Muslim 'Terror plot' evidence outlined

Well, you wouldn't know it was a Muslim terror plot from this BBC report. As usual the BBC censor out the word "Muslim" in any story about terrorism.

Prosecutors are to continue setting out their case at the Old Bailey against seven British citizens accused of plotting terrorist attacks in the UK.

Their potential targets are alleged to have included pubs, clubs and trains.

That last bit is revealing. Why? Because, if I remember correctly, this case pre-dates the 7/7 attack on London trains.

Also what's important, and the BBC fail to point this out as well, is that all but one of these Muslims was from the UK.

The men, four from Crawley, West Sussex, one from Horley, Surrey, one from Ilford, east London, and one from Luton, Bedfordshire, deny all charges.

Remember how shocked everyone said they were when it was revealed the 7/7 Muslim terrorists were home grown here in Britain? Juan Cole, a far left US professor and the BBC's resident "expert", insisted that there was no way the Muslim terrorists were home grown. As Scott notes:

Following the London bombings in July, Cole dazzled his readers by proclaiming with the utmost authority that “Britain's South Asian Muslim community is almost certainly not the origin of this attack.” Whoops.

So, well before UK born Muslims blew up several trains in London, the police knew a similar plot had been planned. Why isn't the BBC reporting on this angle. Oh, yeah, it involves Muslim terrorists, that's why.

How many more UK Muslim terrorists are out there planning to strike?


A quick check of some online newspapers reveals both the Telegraph and the Guardian fail to report that the men are Muslims. Only the Times comes close with this:

SEVEN Islamic terrorists plotted to blow up a significant British target causing maximum loss of life with remotely detonated explosives, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

Looks like one reference to the mens background escaped the Guardian's censors. This Guardian webpage has the following headline:

UK Islamists 'were ready to start bombing'March 21: Seven British Islamist terrorists had all the materials in place to start a major bombing campaign in the UK when their plot was intercepted, the Old Bailey heard today.


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