Sunday, March 19, 2006

Iraq - BBC opinion as news

The BBC is supposed to "report" the facts in their news stories. Instead we get opinion dressed up as news.

Watch as Frank Gardner injects his opinions and trys to sow doubt in his report.

Talking about British troop reductions in Iraq he says this:

The Ministry of Defence says there have now been five such reductions and this is the largest since 2004. But it is significant.

Is Gardner just lazy and didn't bother to find out for himself? Or is he trying to sow a little doubt with the MOD says line? Let's continue and you'll see.

Officially, the reason given for this reduction is progress in Security Sector Reform (SSR), the process of training up Iraqi military units to maintain law and order and tackle any insurgents.

Got that? "Officially" is used to plant the idea that there may be another, perhaps more sinister, reason.

He goes on.

British patrols have frequently been ambushed by deadly roadside bombs and there are signs that Iraqi police forces have been heavily infiltrated by militia factions.

And what does Gardner offer as proof of this? Nothing.

Now that Gardner has planted some doubt in your mind over the reason for troop reductions, he offers his opinion on what he thinks is the real reason. In addition to some valid strategic issues, he offers us this:

There is also the question of Britain's global reputation, especially in the Arab and Muslim world where the US-led occupation of Iraq is deeply unpopular.

Ah, the real reason is to save face in the dictator run Arab and Muslim world.

Now for the clincher.

Despite the fact that Iraq's political leaders have yet to ask Western forces to leave, there is a widespread perception in the Middle East that Britain and the US want to remain in Iraq as "neo-colonial occupiers" intent on taking its oil.

"Despite the fact"? The "fact" is Iraq's political leaders have in "fact" asked the coalition to remain.

And how did this "widespread perception" come about? State run media in the dictator run Arab and Muslim world - and the BBC.

The fact is, the US and the UK have always maintained that troop levels will be reduced as the Iraqi forces grow. That is what is happening.

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