Thursday, March 23, 2006

Algeria - Muslims ban Christianity

This from the religion the Left love so much.

The Algerian parliament has approved a law banning the call to embrace other religions than Islam.

This law states to jail anyone "trying to call on a Muslim to embrace another religion," in remarks to the Christianizing (evangelize) campaigns taking place in the country.

The Algerian Ummah council (Senate) approved this decision on Monday. This decision which was approved by the national people's council ( parliament) on March 15th is an attempt to withstand the Christianizing campaign which had witnessed a notable activity recently especially in al-Qabayel area east of the country.

The ratified law stated to sentence imprisonment for two to five years and a fee between 5 to 10 thousands EURO against "anyone urging or forcing or tempting, to convert a Muslim to another religion."

In Afghanistan the religion of peace and tolerance wants to put a former Muslim to death for converting to Christianity.

Notice how silent the Left are on all of this? Pretty revealing isn't it?

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