Wednesday, March 22, 2006

UK - School wins Muslim dress appeal

A victory for common sense. Take that Mrs. Blair.

A school which was told it unlawfully excluded a Muslim pupil for wearing a traditional gown has won its appeal at the House of Lords.

The Court of Appeal had said Denbigh High School had denied Shabina Begum the right to manifest her religion in refusing to allow her to wear a jilbab.

But in a unanimous ruling, judges at the House of Lords overturned that.

They said the school had "taken immense pains to devise a uniform policy which respected Muslim beliefs".

But you see that wasn't good enough for those who want to turn Britain into an Islamic state.

This wasn't about her right to wear religious garments as she maintains. This has more to do with Hizb ut Tahrir's desire to turn Britain into an Islamic state.

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