Tuesday, March 28, 2006

America - "What's it about?"

Powerline notes some interesting people are finding out.

As an American living in Scotland, I'm always pleased when someone tells me of their visit to the US for the first time. Invariably they tell me how they found it to be completly the opposite of what the media had led them to believe it was. They seem amazed at how friendly everyone is and how the words "Thank you", "Sir" and "Madam" are used often and sincerely. In fact, the words "Polite", "Sincere" and "Genuine" are words they use often to describe the Americans they met.

Yes, we all have our little horror stories to tell. But that's true of anyone who visits any country. What stands out starkly for me, is the continual refrain I hear of "it's the opposite of what I was told it was".

Yes it is thanks to the BBC.

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