Wednesday, March 29, 2006

UK - How many Muslim terrorists here?

I asked that question on Saturday as a result of information coming out of the current Muslim terrorist trial going on.

Today, from the Times we learn of references to even more Muslim terrorists here in the UK, including al Qaeda.

A MUSLIM Tube worker was asked to become a suicide bomber by an Islamic extremist on trial for plotting to attack a British target, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

The London Underground worker, known only as Imran, allegedly attended a terrorist training camp in Pakistan with four of seven men who are charged with conspiracy.

So, who is he? Does he still work for the Underground? Remember, the activities of these UK Muslim terrorists predates the 7/7 London Underground attacks.

Then there's this reference to al Qaeda here in the UK.

The court was also told that a key al-Qaeda operative called Q, who gave the men their orders, was living in Luton. Q reported to Abdul Hadi, No 3 in command of the terrorist organisation.

Got that? al Qaeda living in Luton.

There's more.

And the older brother of a third defendant, Anthony Garcia, was allegedly planning a separate terrorist attack on a target in Britain.

Still more.

He attended the [terrorist] camp with his younger brother, Shujah Mahmood, 18, Mr Garcia, 24, from Ilford, East London, and other British Muslims who are not on trial.

Who, how many and where are they?

And more.

Mr Khyam was said to have given a “watered-down” formula for explosives to a British Muslim known as Uniboy, who wanted to carry out his own terrorist attack with Mr Garcia’s older brother, Lamine.

Babar said: “Uniboy said he wanted the formula because he wanted to do an operation himself in the UK.

And more.

“He didn’t know how to make a bomb . . . He said he wanted to do something with someone else as far as making a bomb and hitting a nightclub.”

Who might that be?

Not done yet.

Babar added that another man had brought supplies for al-Qaeda from Britain, on behalf of Waheed Mahmood.

Again, who and where is he?

Oh, you didn't know any of this? Ahh, you must have been reading the BBC's report on the trial.

That's why you don't know these UK terrorists are Muslims, that al Qaeda are here and that there are many many more UK Muslim terrorists out there. Or, that prior to 7/7, UK Muslim terrorists tried to recruit a Muslim Underground worker to mount a terrorist attack.

You see the BBC don't want you to know all that. Why? Because the BBC are on the side of the terrorists.

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