Thursday, March 23, 2006

World - Death of the anti-war movement

Last weekends disasterous turnout of anti-war protesters was very revealing. As one blogger noted, more people show up every weekend to see Black Burn play than showed up for the latest anti-war march in London. There were even fewer protesters in countries around the world.

There are several reasons for the death of the anti-war movement.

People are becoming more aware that the leaders of the anti-war movement are communists.

Then there are all the failed predictions of the anti-war left.

These two combined have led some in the anti-war movement to question their leaders anti-American stance while supporting terrorists.

Harry pointed out a falling out between the Socialist party and the Stop the War Coalition.

Now another group, Class War, has fallen out with not only the STWC but George Galloway as well.

London Class War took part in Saturdays Demonstration organised by the stop The War Coalition- we have serious critisisms of the liberal/leninist politics of the STWC, and felt that their uncritical support for both the so called 'resistance' in Iraq and the antics of 'Gorgeous' George Galloway in Britain should be challenged.

A similar civil war is taking place in America.

Instead, the groups appear to be caught in their own brand of civil war, criticizing each other for management styles, sympathizing with Communist dictators and pandering to the media. They have bickered over alleged racism and even over issues like who would get more microphone time and pay for the portable toilets at anti-war rallies.

The feuding appears to have precluded any kind of nationally coordinated anti-war rallies from happening on March 19, the third-year anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Small, local protests are planned by various anti-war groups around the country. [Which is exactly what happened]

"The souring of the political atmosphere is largely due to ANSWER, which, in our experience, consistently substitutes labels ('racist,' 'anti-unity') and mischaracterization of others' views for substantive political debate or problem solving," reads the open letter issued last Dec. 12, by the group United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ). It marked the opening salvo in a war of words that has been fought on the groups' individual websites and all over the blogosphere.

In announcing that it would no longer coordinate activities with International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), UFPJ criticized ANSWER's links to the Workers World Party (WWP), a group that allegedly had supported atrocities committed by Communist regimes around the world.

If that doesn't make you laugh, then check out the excuses the moonbats gave for not protesting.

Add to all of this the Democrats are in a civil war and one has to smile, smile, smile.

Back on January 15th I said 2006 was starting out to be a hell of year. Boy! Did I get that one right!


Harry reports that purges are underway. That's the ticket!

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