Wednesday, March 29, 2006

UK - Terror trial: No excuses for the left this time

Others are noticing the BBC's attempts to whitewash Muslims out of their terror reports. And they point out something that the Islamofacist enabling Left cannot excuse away this time.

Speaking of the current British Muslims on trial for attempted terrorism they note this:

When you put all of this together, then, the picture that emerges is one of [Muslim] men who hate us unconditionally, and who positively relish the prospect of causing as much suffering as possible. In particular, Jawad and his cohorts seem to gleefully focus on the shock value of interrupting the English at play — Whether we’re nightclubbing, drinking beer and watching football, or taking our families on holiday (’fantissimo’), no target seems to have been too soft for these scumbags, no victim too helpless or unsuspecting.

This evidence presents Islamofascism’s enablers on the left with something of a problem. After all, in the past they’ve been fortunate (if that’s the right word) in either being able to argue that suicide-bombers take their secrets to the grave, or, failing that, to concoct wild conspiracy theories (as happened with last year’s ricin plot) that cast doubt on precisely what the intentions of the Islamopaths in question actually were.

[Or, somehow try to spin it as our fault for any number of sins commited against Muslims]

Not so this time.

And they note the BBC's Islamofacist enabling.

So what to do? What to do? Well, if you’re a leftist drone working for the BBC, Plan B appears to be one of scrubbing all references to Islam from the reporting of the trial. Indeed, over the course of one, two, three, four, five, six articles on the proceedings, the word ‘Muslim’ makes only one appearance, while ‘Islam’ gets no mention at all … Which is, one might think, a little odd considering the obvious importance of the RoP to these creatures.

Not at all odd considering the BBC have sided with the terrorists.

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