Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Iraq - Saddam admits sponsoring terrorism: audio

If authentic, in this amazing telephone interview, Saddam admits to sponsoring terrorism and says just because he is in prison he has not stopped. He claims he left Al Duri billions of dollars to carry out terrorist acts.

He also admits he is using his trial to give speeches and says he gives one every session.

He goes on to say that the Iraqi people are worthless without him and says "It will make me happy if Iraq turns into dust".

He then calls for Al Duri's tounge and ears to be cut off for giving a speech without his permission.

This is a fascinating look at a brutal dictator but one has to wonder why Saddam is being allowed to give interviews and speeches at his trial.

MEMRI now says it was a hoax from the station. Now why would they do that?

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