Thursday, March 30, 2006

Islam - Staring Down Shariah

Like the Danish cartoons before him, the case of an Afghan Muslim being persecuted for converting to Christianity, is forcing the world to admit that Islam is not the tolerant religion they and their backers say it is.

Even more, the Left have nowhere to hide now. They, and their mouthpiece, the left wing media, tried to hide the Muslim attacks on free speech with appeals over Muslim sensitivites. Not so with the Rahman case. It is what it is, naked religious persecution in a country that has been liberated and still enjoys security provided by western democracies. In short, Afghanistan is not Saudi Arabia where the Left remain silent on religious persecution and abuse of women.

As David Warren notes:

The case of Abdul Rahman, like the organized Danish cartoon apoplexy (still continuing in some parts of the world, where Muslim demagogues are still using it to whoop up anti-Western hysteria), brings us face to face with Islamic doctrines inimical to the survival of our civilization. And here, I wish I could say "Islamist", but the unpleasant truth is, Islamic doctrines. For the Shariah principles in question are shared by all four of the Sunni schools of jurisprudence (Maliki, Hanbali, Hanafi, and Shafi'i), plus the Shia school. There is no "sixth school" that recognizes religious and civic freedom, in any way that resembles what these expressions mean in the West.

All five of the actual schools or traditions take a view of idolatry, that entirely removes the possibility of freedom of expression in public life. Moreover, all take a view of apostasy that presents a palpable threat to the life and liberty of every non-Muslim, and excommunicated Muslim. And such doctrines as "jihad" (when interpreted as perpetual holy war against all infidels), and "razzia" (permission to raid and plunder our infidel communities) are not such as can be assimilated with Western jurisprudence.

We cannot pretend for long, the way President Bush has been doing (albeit from humane and sound tactical motives to begin with), that the Shariah is compatible with freedom and democracy. The systems of government we advocate, or by necessity impose, must explicitly provide civil protection to non-Muslims and Muslims alike, against Shariah courts and their rulings. I have come to realize there is no alternative to this.

Welcome to the club. Now, we need more people to admit this.

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