Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Iraq - BBC ignores Saddam documents

The BBC were all over the Downing Street memos. A search of the BBC website shows 54 hits for them.

Like wise the Iraq war dossier resulted in a massive 280 hits.

A search using Operation Iraqi Freedom Documents results in just 5 hits. None of which pertain to the recently declassified captured Saddam documents.

Scott notices the same thing.

The BBC is not alone in its failure to report this story. Neither The Guardian (surprise, surprise) nor The Times has mentioned anything about it. Those of you seeking a more informed picture of Iraq would be better off taking what you would otherwise pay for the "license fee" and subscribe to the likes of The Weekly Standard and Foreign Affairs, places that are doing some real reporting these days.

Musn't let the British public know about Saddam's WMD or ties to al Qaeda and other terrorists.

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