Friday, March 31, 2006

Islam - 9/11 bred fear of Muslims

I don't know if the fear of Muslims can be traced exactly to 9/11, but it sure seems ever since that day, people display a lot more of that fear. Everywhere you turn there are signs of it.

The US and UK media refused to publish the Muhammad cartoons out of fear of Muslims.

A bookstore chain in Canada refused to carry a magazine that contained them - out of fear of Muslims.

Now, two major bookstore chains in America are refusing to carry a magazine with them - out of fear of Muslims. This despite the fact that one of them, Borders, had carried a magazine with a picture of Muhammad in 1999 - before 9/11.

NYU had to close a discussion about the cartoons to the public out of fear of Muslims.

Secretary of State, Rice, had part of her multicultural tour of Britain cancelled by Muslims out of fear of Muslims.

The fear has gotten so irrational, that the London Underground has refused to allow an advert that contains the word "Muslim" out of fear of Muslims.

The result of all this fear of Muslims has been most profound on Britain and is speeding up the Islamization of Britain.

The BBC is helping in the process by never using the "M" word in a report unless it is to portray Muslims in a good light or as victims. There is currently a Muslim terror trial in the UK, that involves British Muslims and predates the 7/7 attacks on London, but you wouldn't know that from the BBC.

Welcome to the new world order. Not what you expected is it?

Thanfully, a few brave souls are fighting back and winning.

There are others. See the links under "Jihad Watchers" on the left side bar.

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