Tuesday, March 28, 2006

UK - Free speech and leftwing lies

I find it very telling that the anti-war crowd and the far left support Islam's intolerance of gays, other faiths and the abuse of women.

Now we find they are against free speech as well.

My resident Communist supporting leftist troll, Sonic, called the free speech march "a pathetic campaign" and he believes the anti-war movement is against free speech. "Poor guys, you had to try and compete and look where you ended up."

Got that? According to Sonic, the anti-war movement is competing against free speech.

Did anybody see any pro-war, pro-America or pro-Bush signs at the rally? Didn't think so. In fact there was one anti-Blair poster.

Take a look at the photos for yourself. (Link) here and (Link)

What do you see? All posters calling for freedom of expression.

Thanks for the insight into the far Left's thinking Sonic.

Now, care to tell us why you support Communists, the abuses of Islam and are against free speech?

Here's a great take on the march with some disturbing information.

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